Craft productivity today averages 25-30%

With 3 of every 10 hours considered productive, it is no wonder why maintenance systems struggle to improve and every technician feels they need more help!

Workflow Optimization


Craft productivity is the fuel for the entire maintenance and reliability program and is the value-added hours after subtracting all activities considered waste.


Productivity is the most influential factor affecting all aspectsand metrics of your maintenance and reliability program.


  • Labor Efficiency

  • MTTR

  • Headcount Staffing

  • Backlog Management

  • Maintenance Cost


Maintenance Workflow Optimization is the full work-management process of removing all obstacles in the entire work stream which limit optimum craft productivity. Quantifiable step-change is realized by identifying, analyzing and measuring all 7 forms of waste (what the customer is not willing to pay for) and implementing sustainable countermeasures addressing root cause.


SEAM Group’s total approach towards workflow optimization expands the focus beyond local operations of planning and scheduling to a total value stream approach as loss can be found in each stage of workflow. The solution is loaded with enhanced, proven tools that bring a new approach to an old problem. The tools and training are assembled, following our proven model for continuous improvement. Elevating productivity to record levels requires the right tools in the right place.  LEARN MORE


  • Organizational /Workflow Design

  • Productivity Optimization

  • Emergency Response Management

  • Work Identification

  • Planning & Scheduling

  • Skills/Staffing & Risk

Work Management Simulation℠

WMS is an innovative, interactive means to transfer the concepts of effective maintenance work management and identify inefficiencies in your work process. The maintenance training simulation addresses unclear job scope, absence of documentation, poorly managed spare parts system, every job being equal in priority and little maintenance job history. As each round unfolds, changes are made to improve the way we manage maintenance work. LEARN MORE

Optimize your 

Workflow Today!

Planning & Scheduling

Has your planning and scheduling efforts fallen short of maximizing craft productivity? SEAM Group’s Planning & Scheduling coaching delivers comprehensive processes and toolkits that allow quick realization of results and maximizes work force efficiency. 


Maintenance e-Learning

e-Learning is a series of training modules available for PM and Workflow Optimization.

Work Management Simulation℠

Work Management Simulation℠ is an innovative, interactive means to transfer the concepts of effective maintenance work management and identifying inefficiencies in your work process.