PdM Program Design

Proper design is essential when creating a predictive maintenance (PdM) program. Our PdM program design service empowers you to achieve coverage faster and attain desired results sooner.



SEAM Group's PdM Program Design Service empowers you to achieve coverage faster and attain results sooner. Our program manager will work with your team to understand equipment criticality, review work and equipment history, assess operational schedules and determine the most cost-effective coverage methodology to predict critical failure modes.


Our experts will help evaluate the total program scope and offer insights into ideal deployment method options.

What to Expect

  • Single & multi-discipline designed asset coverage

  • Determination of the appropriate discipline per asset

  • Data collection frequency based on criticality, failure cycle, part availability & replacement value

  • Informed repair-versus-replace considerations

  • Identification & recommendations for approaching accessibility issues

  • Resource requirements & deployment approach recommendations

  • Development of key performance indicators & metrics



  • Fast results 

  • Minimizing program costs

  • Adoption of appropriate technology to identify failure modes at the lowest cost

  • Clear alignment with your existing PM process

  • Insight into total resource requirement so optimal implementation approach is established

  • Determination of specific hardware & software needs

  • Development of a plan to address inaccessibility

  • Creation of a business plan to implement your strategy


If you are interested in starting a PdM program, rely on SEAM Group's expertise and resources to ensure that the program's investment will achieve your payback.  To get started, contact us today.

Learn about our PdM program design service


PdM Assessment

An overall review of the effectiveness of an existing PdM program to ensure it is achieving results at its fullest potential based upon available equipment, resources and tools.

Managed PdM Programs

Our experienced PdM Programs Managers will customize a successful program to fit an organization’s specific needs, equipment, priorities, resources, budget and culture.

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