As a leading supplier of predictive maintenance services, SEAM Group provides the peace of mind by ensuring facilities are operating safely and reliably.

Chiller Inspection Service

When assessing critical systems and equipment in a facility, the chilled water system tends to be near or at the top of that list. The chiller compressor is typically the main component and highest cost asset of the system. To ensure the chiller system is operating at peak performance, SEAM Group offers a comprehensive testing package which includes:

  • Vibration data collection and analysis on the chiller compressor and related pumps
  • Infrared inspection on the motor starter, motor connections, the motor control center and frequency drive
  • Motor signature analysis
  • Power quality analysis


Our chiller inspection service identifies impending problems which limits damage, unplanned downtime or catastrophic failure.  Other benefits of this service include; reduced energy consumption, minimized repair costs and extended asset life.



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